Category: Contemporary

  • Share the Santa Claus Chocolate

    Share the Santa Claus Chocolate

    A contemporary short story of a single mom with a bad experience in asking for support. Especially at Christmas season.

  • Love the Forbidden Partner

    A woman, a man, and his female replacement playing male, for the big gala. A perky, romantic love triangle that will feel like heaven in real life.

  • Love over Tomato Soup

    Love over Tomato Soup

    A woman working in a cold office. A new manager turning down the heater. A fight about temperature. Arianne freezes in her office. The new manager lets the heater turn down to the minimum allowed temperature. Aside from that, the garlic scent and his aura fascinate her more than they should. Tom starts early on…

  • Welcome my Wolf

    Welcome my Wolf

    Love, Suspense, Faith and adventure. Lea fights against dawn and her own nightmares. This is book 1 of the action packed, wolf shifter romance series with full standalone novels. Great characters, strong emotions, and high stakes. Planning for a calm, relaxing holiday, Lea falls head first over the Schönbuch forest rules: „No human in the…

  • The Speaking Mirror

    The Speaking Mirror

    Fairy-tales come true. Or rather their items make appearances. To those who search for them.

  • Love as a Christmas Present

    Love as a Christmas Present

    Memories brought forward. People appearing out of thin air. Love at first sight.

  • Company Sold

    Company Sold

    Move or quit? Fight or surrender? How will Marius decide after his employeers sold the company?

  • The Meeting Contact

    The Meeting Contact

    How to get a promotion? Change the company, or wait forever.

  • Crossroads with Half the Information

    Crossroads with Half the Information

    Real women without super powers or billions on their bank account. Woman working a day job, women who lost their family and history, women who get a once-in-a-lifetime chance and women who head out to challenge themselves.

  • The Magic Book

    The Magic Book

    Heros do not exist in reality. No romance heros. Not for Marie. Don’t they?