Tag: dream

  • Fantasy Sweets

    Fantasy Sweets

    A wishing well which fulfills wishes? The perfect solution to a woman unable to bake without causing havoc. Right? Martha fails baking cakes and tartlets. She burns down her own oven. She leaves and searches the wishing well. To fulfill her dream: Bake delicious cakes. After a long travel, Martha finds a well. To test…

  • Theft on the Generation Ship

    Theft on the Generation Ship

    A woman fights to control her life. Despite her purpose to give birth to a perfect the next generation, And an enemy she never sees coming.

  • The Magic Book

    The Magic Book

    Heros do not exist in reality. No romance heros. Not for Marie. Don’t they?

  • An Authors First Success

    An Authors First Success

    Success attracts enemies faster than light. Meet Estefanie. Celebrate her first success as an author. If she manages to stay happy.

  • Architecture Impress

    Architecture Impress

    Will Lara Faip overcome the new struggles or will the Las Vegas Moulin Rouge finally fall into the forgotten history?

  • The Curses of Operating Systems (eBook)

    The Curses of Operating Systems (eBook)

    A world. Cut into pieces by uncooperating software systems. A girl with a dream. An obstacle to keep it out of reach.