Tag: fantasy

  • The Horn of Life

    The Horn of Life

    Morag Merrim finds himself in an alien world. Away from the spaceship Flora without any clue how to get back. An action-packed journey into another world.

  • Fantasy Sweets

    Fantasy Sweets

    A wishing well which fulfills wishes? The perfect solution to a woman unable to bake without causing havoc. Right? Martha fails baking cakes and tartlets. She burns down her own oven. She leaves and searches the wishing well. To fulfill her dream: Bake delicious cakes. After a long travel, Martha finds a well. To test…

  • The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    A young woman living in luxury. An older sister sending a messenger. The grand gala turning into something very different. An electrifying tale of a young womand with a choice to make. The young woman studies in her room. Tonight, her father, the major, expects her to dance and socialize at his grand gala. A…

  • Welcome my Wolf

    Welcome my Wolf

    Love, Suspense, Faith and adventure. Lea fights against dawn and her own nightmares. This is book 1 of the action packed, wolf shifter romance series with full standalone novels. Great characters, strong emotions, and high stakes. Planning for a calm, relaxing holiday, Lea falls head first over the Schönbuch forest rules: „No human in the…

  • The Speaking Mirror

    The Speaking Mirror

    Fairy-tales come true. Or rather their items make appearances. To those who search for them.

  • The Fork with The Scales

    The Fork with The Scales

    A tea shop taking cups, plates, and forks as payment. Not your everyday stop. More different than expected.

  • The True Mage Survives

    The True Mage Survives

    Magicians, real magicians, didn‘t exist. For the community. For their own safety.

  • Wipe off the Dust

    Wipe off the Dust

    A sword is a sword. Right? They can’t talk …

  • The Magic Book

    The Magic Book

    Heros do not exist in reality. No romance heros. Not for Marie. Don’t they?

  • Alien Visit

    Alien Visit

    Math and science, taught to better people. Failed care by the alien shephered.