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  • Research my Wolf

    Research my Wolf

    Doris attacks Achim. Better not to mingle with forest people. Achim wants to see Doris again. He follows her. This is book 2 of the action packed, wolf shifter romance series with standalone novels. Great characters, strong emotions, and high stakes. Doris knows trouble lays ahead. Her plan to get laid on her birthday went […]

  • Crossroads with Half the Information

    Crossroads with Half the Information

    Real women without super powers or billions on their bank account. Woman working a day job, women who lost their family and history, women who get a once-in-a-lifetime chance and women who head out to challenge themselves.

  • The Magic Book

    The magic Book

    Heros do not exist in reality. No romance heros. Not for Marie. Don’t they?

  • Corrupted Food Storage

    Corrupted Food Storage

    Love, Suspense, Faith and adventure. Who steals the food and tools from the space vessel?

  • Fighting the Cinnamon Guy

    Fighting the Cinnamon Guy

    Cinnamon is made in hell. It should stay there. In Anneliese’s opinion.