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  • Fairy needs Courage

    Fairy needs Courage

    Dorm mates from hell. A study group in the same vein. What could be worse? In Tona’s opinion? Her mothers decision to reject life as a fairy. A life Tona fights to get back.

  • The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    A young woman living in luxury. An older sister sending a messenger. The grand gala turning into something very different. An electrifying tale of a young womand with a choice to make. The young woman studies in her room. Tonight, her father, the major, expects her to dance and socialize at his grand gala. A…

  • Stars Flying Into Philosophy

    Stars Flying Into Philosophy

    Not recommended: Drinking alcohol, accepting a bet between friends. The outcome change everything

  • The Curses of Operating Systems (eBook)

    The Curses of Operating Systems (eBook)

    A world. Cut into pieces by uncooperating software systems. A girl with a dream. An obstacle to keep it out of reach.