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  • Research my Wolf

    Research my Wolf

    Doris attacks Achim. Better not to mingle with forest people. Achim wants to see Doris again. He follows her. This is book 2 of the action packed, wolf shifter romance series with standalone novels. Great characters, strong emotions, and high stakes. Doris knows trouble lays ahead. Her plan to get laid on her birthday went […]

  • Theft on the Generation Ship

    Theft on the Generation Ship

    A woman fights to control her life. Despite her purpose to give birth to a perfect the next generation, And an enemy she never sees coming.

  • The Flower on the Mountain Top

    The Flower on the Mountain Top

    Climb up a mountain in your time. Climb down in the future.

  • Discovery – A Flying Worlds Novel

    Discovery - A Flying Worlds Novel

    A spaceship. An artefact. A traitor. Will Alexandra survive, regain the artefact and save the spaceship?

  • Keyring


    A man caring only about work. Until his mother vanishs.

  • If date equals…

    If date equals...

    Hunting bugs or hunting criminals? Searching for reasons why the timezone bug opens up again.

  • Human Interactions Preferred

    Human Interactions Preferred

    Change human doctors with computers and robots. Get rid of the work life and enjoy family. At least, that’s the vision.

  • The Meeting Contact

    The Meeting Contact

    How to get a promotion? Change the company, or wait forever.

  • Dance to your Love

    Dance to your Love

    Two woman. One curvy dance instructor. One clumsy, edgy office worker. Will they find love together?   Marissa joins today’s dance course lesson to relax from a long workday. Carolyn, the new instructor, with the lovely curves rises her interests. Usually Marissa loves her partners thinner. Like herself. Without cuddly curves. With none she ever […]