The Missing Jack O’Lantern

The Missing Jack O’Lantern

A childs doodle. The exile of the family. Vanessa fighting to not letting a Jack O’Lantern ruin her life a second time.

The Missing Jack O'Lantern
The Missing Jack O’Lantern

Humid, soft pumpkin meat clings to Vanessa’s hands. Up to her elbows. The three to five year old children around, watch her prepare the fifth pumpkin.

Vanessa focus on both, the pumpkin at hand and Marc, father of one of the kids. He looks cute.

But, she got exiled on this planet. With her little daughter. She needs to stay unnoticed. Even at the price of breaking into the kindergarten and destroying the pumpkins at night.

A story that asks, what might happen if children drawing doodles lead to their parents exile on another planet.

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