Tag: future

  • The Horn of Life

    The Horn of Life

    Morag Merrim finds himself in an alien world. Away from the spaceship Flora without any clue how to get back. An action-packed journey into another world.

  • Human Interactions Preferred

    Human Interactions Preferred

    Change human doctors with computers and robots. Get rid of the work life and enjoy family. At least, that’s the vision.

  • Crossroads with Half the Information

    Crossroads with Half the Information

    Real women without super powers or billions on their bank account. Woman working a day job, women who lost their family and history, women who get a once-in-a-lifetime chance and women who head out to challenge themselves.

  • Shards of her Life

    Shards of her Life

    Send the declaration of war or listen to her gut sense? Gabriella faces a tough decision. The cold around her hinders thinking clearly.

  • Served like Red Wine

    Served like Red Wine

    Earth’s ecosystem broke decades ago. Svenja fights for survival, keeping her little café afloat.