Tag: Urban Fantasy

  • Fairy needs Courage

    Fairy needs Courage

    Dorm mates from hell. A study group in the same vein. What could be worse? In Tona’s opinion? Her mothers decision to reject life as a fairy. A life Tona fights to get back.

  • The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

    A young woman living in luxury. An older sister sending a messenger. The grand gala turning into something very different. An electrifying tale of a young womand with a choice to make. The young woman studies in her room. Tonight, her father, the major, expects her to dance and socialize at his grand gala. A…

  • The Speaking Mirror

    The Speaking Mirror

    Fairy-tales come true. Or rather their items make appearances. To those who search for them.

  • The Magic Book

    The Magic Book

    Heros do not exist in reality. No romance heros. Not for Marie. Don’t they?

  • Welcome to topazhauyn.com – Finally in English 🙂

    Welcome to my website. Finally I’ve managed to properly set it up in English. Links and details to my already published books will follow shortly. Meanwhile, feel free to go and check them out at your favorite online story. My most recent publication: Firefighter Dressed Wrong. The scent of fresh-cut grass fills the evening air.…