The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

A young woman living in luxury.

An older sister sending a messenger.

The grand gala turning into something very different.

An electrifying tale of a young womand with a choice to make.

The Rainbow Bubble Collapse

The young woman studies in her room. Tonight, her father, the major, expects her to dance and socialize at his grand gala.

A man magically appears at the womans room. He brings a warning and a message. From her long escaped, and never talked about, older sister. The invitation to join the resistance.

Torn between a luxurious, safe life and the desire to get to know her sister, the young woman appears at the grand gala. Something feels off. The man from earlier walks through the crowd without caring. Her father will catch him without her helping.

An electrifying tale of a young woman whose choice will change her life forever. Or end the life of the messenger.